The quote can not be finalized until after the examination office and clinic examination scanner jaw.

• For total or partial Rehabilitations implant in the upper jaw, we can consider one or two sinus lift (right and left side) only after examining the jaw scanner:

For a sinus lift (one side) the cost is 2000Euros.
For two sinus lift (both sides) the cost becomes 3000euros including both sides.

• For Rehabilitations total implant proposes two types of temporary solutions that may accompany bone healing and allow both to regain the masticatory function and smile:

➢ Either an overdenture: a provisional total denture fixed on four Demountables temporary implants is removed when installing the final ceramic crowns on osseointegrated implants.
The cost is 2500euros for each maxilla (4 + 1 Total prosthesis temporary mini-implants).

➢ Either a simple removable full denture that will also masticatory function and harmonious smile.
The cost is 700euros for each jaw.


For all implant treatment and when the number of implants placed is greater than or equal to 4, you get already:

Preliminary Care Free incluiants care caries, gum care, extractions, sutures.

Reduction 400euros on request for a number of implants placed above or equal to 6

Reduction 600euros on request for a number of implants poses greater than or equal to 8

Reduction example 2000 € on request for a number of implants poses greater than or equal to 10

If you start treatment before October 10, you would have an additional reduction of 500euros.