Immediate Dental Implant

Immediate implementation: Immediate Dental Implant

DEFINITION 1. C is the immediate establishment of a dental implant after extraction or removal of a non-osseointegrated implant.

Psychologically more accepted because it offers an immediate solution and benefits of anesthesia extraction to place the implant and finally ca not require another appointment
– Time saving 6 months
– Surgery simpler: less heating of the bone, one anesthesia faster because the socket of the extracted tooth is almost ready to receive the implant
– Axe ideal drilling is almost the same axis of the root extracted
The scanner is not essential
– Preservation of bone
– Preservation of attached gingiva
Preservation of buds gum between the teeth so there will be no black Mesh Baskets between future crowns
– Report crown / implant favorable
– Reduction of bending moment
The natural tooth extracted prototype of the future prosthesis: aesthetics made better

Immediate loading

DEFINITION 1.’s Immediate loading is the dental implants with achieving rapid and functional prosthesis for a period of 3 to 21 days, which will link the implants increasing the chances of osseointegration implants

One surgery
– Less Appointment
Less expensive
Fixed prosthesis fast, so an aesthetic and functional comfort for immediate psychological recovery
– Time saving than 6 months

Immediate aesthetics setting

DEFINITION 1. Dental implant with immediate aesthetics setting. It is the placement of one or two dental implants with temporary fixation of a prosthesis and aesthetics not participating in the occlusion. This temporary prosthesis will be replaced after 3 to 6 months by a final ceramic prosthesis after osteo-integration


Dental implant with immediate aesthetic is indicated in the case of:
Loss of visible teeth
Young patient with a lot of social contact
Patient can not tolerate a mobile prosthesis waiting alters the aesthetics and